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The Centro Musica in Modena offers professional consultancies concerning the diverse aspects of the contemporary music making to musicians and the several key-role figures operating in the music business.

It started in 1994 as a joint enterprise of the Municipality of Modena and the Regional Government of the Emilia-Romagna region. It is now part of the Modena local Youth Policies Authority department.

The Centro Musica comprises under its coordination the following structures:

  • Mr. Muzik – a five rehearsals room complex;
  • Mr. Muzik Off – a live music performing space;
  • a performing rights / music business laws bureau of information and consultancy;
  • a promotion office for the organization of musical events and music related activities;
  • an educational branch which aims to improve the level of expertise of both musicians and other professionals in the music field.


The Centro Musica educational trajectory aims to develop the artistic, organizational, technological and managerial skills of the younger generations emphasizing the role played by new technologies and media.
Among the courses the Centro Musica organized and run were:

  • Rockimpresa - how to become a professional enterpreneur in music;
  • Fronte del Palco - artistic residency for young music bands;
  • Live Sound Education - seminars for professional sound engineers;
  • Live & Sound – a Master for musical events producer and managers;
  • DJ style – an introduction to turntablism;
  • Booster – Impresa per la musica' – how to start a music business.

Nowadays the Centro Musica organizes and runs Sonda -Talent Oriented a series of meetings and workshops with leading professionals in the music field (musicians, producers, managers and music publishers) aimed to help young bands and solo artists from the Emilia Romagna region in the development of their musical projects. The young artists and bands selected for this program are monitored in their live performances and demo-recordings most of them organized and produced by the Cemtro Musica itself.

The Centro Musica publishes every four months the magazine 'Musicplus.it'. Other publications were the books 'MusicJob – lavorare con la musica' (how to work in the music field) and, more recently, 'Music Rights, diritti e doveri del musicista' (rights and liabilities of the musicians).